CARE-HHH Network structure

The HHH Network is structured into three workpackages.

Workpackages and coordinators

Advancements in Accelerator Magnet Technologies (AMT)
coordinated by Lucio Rossi (CERN) and Luca Bottura (CERN)

keywords: stability and quench limit of LHC insertion magnets, pulsed magnets for LHC and GSI accelerator complex upgrade, magnets for booster ring, high field magnet design, optimisation of the overall cost

Novel Methods for Accelerator Beam Instrumentation (ABI)
coordinated by Hermann Schmickler (CERN) and Kay Wittenburg (DESY)

keywords: tools and diagnostic systems for luminosity, wire for beam-beam compensation, advanced transverse beam diagnostics, feedback loops for orbit, chromaticity and coupling, advanced beam halo diagnostics, remote diagnostics and maintenance of instrumentation

Accelerator Physics and synchrotron Design (APD)
coordinated by Frank Zimmermann (CERN) and Walter Scandale (CERN)

keywords: Interaction Region design for LHC luminosity upgrade, optics design for booster synchrotrons, impedance calculations, structured list of intensity limits, electron cloud effects, beam measurements and advanced theoretical studies


Participating institutes and linkmen


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