CARE-HHH-APD Workshop on

Scenarios for the LHC Luminosity Upgrade

Arcidosso, Italy, 31 August–3 September 2005


Accelerator Physics and synchrotron Design

The workshop PROCEEDINGS will be published as a joint CARE and CERN report. Papers submitted should be in JACOW/EPAC/PAC format (for which latex/word templates and instructions can be downloaded from the web site http://accelconf.web.cern.ch/accelconf/). There is no page limit.

The official DEADLINE for paper submissions is the 31st October 2005.

We encourage you to submit your write-ups by the end of September, since they will be a valuable input for the forthcoming workshops at FNAL (US-LARP mini-workshop on LHC IR upgrades, 3–4 October, http://larp.fnal.gov/IR2005/) and Frascati (ECOMAG-05 workshop on SC Pulsed Magnets for Accelerators, 26–28 October, http://ecomag-05.web.cern.ch/ecomag-05/).


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