CARE-HHH-APD mini-Workshop on

Crystal Channeling for Large Colliders :

Machine and Physics Applications

Dedicated to the memory of
Francesco Ruggiero (1957-2007)

CERN, 22 – 23 March 2007


Important dates and additional information


o       Place of the workshop: AB Auditorium Building 6/2-024

Audio-visual equipment: digital and overhead projector.
Please send us ( your slides or ppt presentation in electronic form before the workshop (and/or bring the files with you on a memory stick or CD)


o       Proceedings: We expect written contribution for our proceedings (see templates
Deadlines will be given during the workshop.


o       Workshop registration at CERN :
Thursday 22 March, from  08:30 to 09:30 (building 6/2-024)
Friday 23 March, from  08:30 to 09:30 (building 6/2-024)


Practical information for non-CERN participants


o       How to be registered at CERN

    Please fill-in the following external registration form (if not already done) and send it back by fax

    (+41 22 782 30 84)

o       How to get to CERN:

Necessary information could be found at the following link :

The CERN bus shuttle is available to take people from airport (or C ornavin train station) to CERN, if booked on advance by dialing the +41 22 767 22 02.

If you arrive at CERN during working hours, please go :


-  to the reception (building 33 -, if your stay at CERN is less or equal to 2 days. A visitor’s access card should be ready for you.
- to the main entrance (building 55 -, if your stay is longer than 2 days to get your access card.

If you arrive outside working hours or during the week end and you lodge at CERN hostel, go to the guard at the main entrance and ask for your key.


o       Transport on the site:

There is a shuttle service ‘on call’ (phone 76969) available any time during normal working hours.


o       Lodging at CERN

A quota of rooms have been booked to the CERN hostel.
For external lodging, please select on the list below and inform Patricia Perreard
List of hotels in the region (France and Switzerland).

o       Miscellaneous

You also need to register with CERN to be allowed access to the network while you're there. You can start here and follow the links/instructions. If you don't have a CERN computing account, you can use this CERN Network Connection Request Form (enter Patricia Perreard as the CERN contact person).

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