CERN-GSI bi-lateral working meeting on

Collective EffectsCoordination of Theory and Experiments


GSI, Darmstadt, Germany, 30–31 March 2006

Theory Seminar Room, GSI, Südbau, 3rd floor

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Accelerator Physics and synchrotron Design




Session 1: Space Charge, Electron Cloud and Nonlinear Dynamics

chair Ingo Hofmann (GSI) - SUMMARY SESSION 1

Thursday 30 MARCH 09:00-18:30

Introductory Talk: Motivation, Challenges

I. Hofmann / GSI 9:00-9:40
Overview of Electron-Cloud Effects in the LHC and Present Understanding (Addendum) F. Zimmermann / CERN 9:40-10:10
Space Charge and Trapped Particles & Relevance for Beam Loss and Electron Cloud G. Franchetti / GSI 10:10-10:40
Coffee Break   10:40-11:00
Beam Loss and Beam Degradation in the PS & SPS E. Metral / CERN 11:00-11:30
Bunch Shortening, Working Point and Chromaticity Issues in the SPS G. Arduini / CERN 11:30-12:00
Studies of the LHC beam loss in the SPS E. Shaposhnikova / CERN 12:00-12:30
Lunch in GSI Cafeteria; possibly visit to GSI Accelerators   12:30-14:00
Space Charge Issues in Rings S.Y. Lee, Indiana/GSI 14:00-14:30
Working Session: discuss and find an agreement on what experiments and simulations are needed to consolidate the ground for future developments   14:30-18:30

Progress in Code Benchmarking

S. Machida / RAL 10 min.
Bunch Shortening at SPS G. Rumolo / CERN 10 min.
Effect of Space Charge on Landau Damping E. Metral / CERN 10 min.
Loss of Landau Damping in the SPS E. Shaposhnikova / CERN 10 min.
Future Planned and/or Approved GSI Experiments I. Hofmann / GSI 10 min.
Future Experiments at CERN G. Arduini / CERN 10 min.
Coffee Break   15:30-15:50
Futher Presentations    
Discussion on Future Experiments & Benchmarking All  
Buffet Reception in GSI Guest House  



Session 2: Intensity limitations due to Collective Instabilities

chair Oliver Boine-Frankenheim (GSI) - SUMMARY SESSION 2

Friday 31st MARCH 09:00-17:00

Introduction: Expected Intensity Limitations in FAIR Rings

O. Boine-Frankenheim / GSI 09:00-09:15

Resistive-Wall Impedance from Exact Field Matching

E. Metral / CERN 09:15-09:45

Resistive-Wall Impedance and Induced Tune Shifts

F. Zimmermann / CERN 09:45-10:15
Coffee Break   10:15-10:45
Resistive-Wall Imepdance for Arbitrary Energies A. Al-Khateeb / GSI 10:45-11:15
3D Impedance Simulations of the SIS 18/100 Kickers B. Doliwa / Darmstadt 11:15-11:45
Kicker Impedance Bench Measurements E. Metral / CERN 11:45-12:15
Transient Beam Loading Effects S.Y. Lee, Indiana/GSI 12:15-12:45
Lunch   12:15-14:00
TMC Instability Simulations and Benchmarking G. Rumolo / CERN 1400-14:30
Simulation of Space-Charge and Impedance Effects O. Boine-Frankenheim / GSI 14:30-15:00
Analysis of Instability Damping Mechanisms for SIS 18/100 V. Kornilov / GSI 15:00-15:30
Coffee Break   15:30-15:50

Open discussion, possible topics:

  • Impedance studies for arbitrary gamma and their verification

  • Space charge effects and impedance budgets in different machines

  • Simulation/experiments

  • Benchmarking of codes used for instability studies

  • Feedback requirements and experience in different machines

  • First structured list of intensity limits for GSI and CERN booster synchrotrons and LHC (CARE-HHH-APD 2006 deliverable)





Topics for Session 1:

Beam loss and emittance growth caused by

(1) Space charge and resonance trapping,
(2) Electron cloud and resonance trapping;

Influence of working point and chromaticity on beam losses;

Benchmarking of simulation codes & future experiments.


Topics for Session 2:

Impedances - resistive walls and kickers;
Head-tail dynamics and simulation code benchmarking;
Transverse resistive instabilities and other collective effects;
How does space charge (and electron cloud?) affect the impedance budget in the different machines?


Local organizing committee:
I. Hofmann and O. Boine-Frankenheim (GSI),

F. Ruggiero (CERN)

Please contact if you have questions

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