High Energy

High Intensity

Hadron Beams


Accelerator Physics and synchrotron Design

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HHH-APD is the 3rd Workpackage of the HHH Networking Activity


in the framework of CARE (Coordinated Accelerator R&D in Europe)

Main Objectives of the CARE-HHH APD collaboration

Detailed APD activities

APD1 – Interaction Region design for an LHC luminosity upgrade

APD2 – Optics design for booster synchrotrons in the SPS or LHC tunnel

APD3 – Impedance calculations for new experimental beam pipes and booster systems

APD4 – Generation of a structured list of intensity limits for the LHC operation

APD5 – Studies on electron cloud effects for very high-intensity bunches

APD6 – Studies on measurement procedures for nonlinear machine parameters

APD7 - Advanced theoretical studies on halo formation and loss mechanisms

Participating institutes and linkmen

 Simulation Codes Web Repository


 Structured List of Intensity Limits


 Booster Synchrotron (PS2) Optics Web Repository


New! Booster synchrotron (PS2) optics web repository

New! LHC upgrade IR optics and layout web repository

New! HHH-APD Workshop on ‘Towards a Roadmap for the Upgrade of the LHC and GSI Accelerator Complex' (LHC LUMI 2006)

New! CERN Courier Article vol. 45, no. 3, April 2005 - ‘LHC Upgrade Taking Shape with CARE and Attention’


 Crystal Collimation Project

(under construction)


LHC upgrade paths - parameter scenarios (pdf), upgrade IR layouts, tentative milestones

CARE-HHH-APD Workshops

CARE-HHH Literature and Presentations



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