HHH 2004

First CARE-HHH-APD Workshop on

Beam Dynamics in Future Hadron Colliders

and Rapidly Cycling High-Intensity Synchrotrons

New! 05.04.2005

HHH-2004 Proceedings

Announcement 11.11.2004

Proceedings of HHH-2004 will be published as CARE Report and as CERN Yellow Report.. Deadline for paper submissions to Conf-HHH-2004@cern.ch is 12 December 2004 (end of December is negotiable). The papers should be in JACOW/PAC/EPAC format. There is no page limit.

Announcement 11.11.2004

Please send your posters and contributions to panel discussions in electronic format to Conf-HHH-2004@cern.ch, if they are not yet posted on the web



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CERN, 811 November 2004

Council Chamber


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SESSION 1: Opening talks, LHC and GSI Complex Upgrades

chairman G. Altarelli (CERN), co-chairman: E. Tsesmelis (CERN)

MONDAY 8 NOVEMBER 09:00-13:00
Introduction to CARE and CERN strategy (slides) R. Aymar (CERN) 09:00-09:30
The GSI Future Project (slides) W.F. Henning (GSI) 09:30-10:00

Possible scenarios for an LHC upgrade


F. Ruggiero, F. Zimmermann (CERN)


Overview of technological challenges

(new injectors, magnets, etc) (slides)

W. Scandale (CERN) 11:00-11:30
US-LARP contribution to CARE-HHH-APD (slides) S. Peggs (BNL) 11:30-12:00

LHC luminosity upgrade:

physics motivation and detector performance (slides)

D. Denegri (CEA/Saclay) 12:00-12:30
Relevance of possible upgrades of the CERN

accelerator complex for fixed target physics (slides)

J. Engelen (CERN) 12:30-13:00


SESSION 2: Beam Dynamics and Intensity Challenges

chairman P. Lebrun (CERN), scientific secretary F. Zimmermann (CERN)

MONDAY 8 NOVEMBER 14:30-18:00
Handling and disposing of energetic high-intensity hadron beams 14:30-15:30
Collimation (slides) R. Assmann (CERN)
Machine protection (slides) K.H. Mess (CERN)
Beam dump (slides) B. Goddard (CERN)

Space charge and optics studies

for the GSI complex (slides)

G. Franchetti (GSI) 15:30-16:00
Electron cloud effects (slides) J. Wei (BNL) 16:30-17:00

Vacuum, beam scrubbing and pressure rise

(beam-gas scattering, heat load, etc.) (slides)

O. Grobner (CERN) 17:00-17:30
RF & feedback systems for bunch shortening (slides) J. Tuckmantel (CERN) 17:30-18:00
Related posters:
- Exploring a nonlinear collimation system for the LHC (J. Resta Lopez, A. Faus-Golfe, CSIC-IFIC; F. Zimmermann, CERN)
- What is an acceptable vacuum pressure in the LHC arcs? (B. Jeanneret, F. Zimmermann, CERN)
- Morphological and structural studies of crystals for channeling of relativistic particles (S. Baricordi, V. Guidi, et al., INFN)
- Intensity limitations due to electron-cloud heat load for the LHC and its upgrades (D. Schulte, F. Zimmermann, CERN) 
- Bunch length restrictions at LHC by longitudinal coupled bunch instabilities (E. Vogel, CERN)
- Review of LHC heat loads and upgraded cryogenic system (L. Tavian, CERN)
- Generation and Benefits of Long Super-Bunches (H. Damerau, CERN)
- First induction acceleration of a proton bunch in a circular ring (K. Torikai, K. Takayama, KEK)

SESSION 3: LHC IR Upgrade and Beam Choices

chairman S. Peggs (BNL), scientific secretary O. Bruning (CERN)

TUESDAY 9 NOVEMBER 09:00-13:00
Overview of possible LHC IR layouts (slides) Presentation by T. Sen  for J. Strait (FNAL) 09:00-09:30

Beam dynamics requirements (slides)

(magnet aperture, gradients, tolerances)

O. Bruning (CERN) 09:30-10:00
Progress in induction synchrotron R&D at KEK: first result of induction acceleration in the KEK PS (slides) K. Takayama (KEK) 10:00-10:30
Beam-beam compensation schemes (slides) F. Zimmermann (CERN) 11:00-11:30

Crab cavities: impact on IR layout and

effect of RF noise on hadron beams (slides)

K. Ohmi (KEK) 11:30-12:00
Generation and benefits of long super-bunches (slides) H. Damerau (CERN) 12:00-12:30

Machine-detector interface and event pile-up:

super-bunches versus normal bunches (slides)

S. Tapprogge (U.Mainz) 12:30-13:00
Related posters:
- Possible application of HTS in high field LHC magnets (R. Gupta, P. Wanderer, BNL)

SESSION 4: Simulation Code Benchmarking and Repository

                                A: Optics, Beam-Beam, and Conventional Impedance

conveners: O. Bruning (CERN), W. Herr (CERN), T. Weiland (TEMF)

TUESDAY 9 NOVEMBER 14:30-18:30

Overview of single particle codes (slides)

(beam optics, dynap, and benchmarking)

W. Decking (DESY) 14:30-15:00

PANEL DISCUSSION1: Single Particle codes

convener/secretary: O. Bruning/J. Wenninger

F. Meot (slides), K. Ohmi,

F. Schmidt (slides)

Beam-beam simulations and benchmarking (slides) T. Sen (FNAL) 15:30-16:00

PANEL DISCUSSION2: Beam-Beam codes

Convener/secretary: W. Herr (slides) /F. Zimmermann

M. Furman (slides), K. Ohmi (slides),

T. Sen (slides)

Impedance calculation codes and benchmarking (slides) K. Bane (SLAC) 17:00-17:30
RF measurements versus simulations (slides) A. Mostacci  (INFN) 17:30-18:00

PANEL DISCUSSION3: Impedance codes

convener/secretary: T. Weiland (intro-slides,slides)/E. Jensen (slides)

K. Bane (slides), W. Bruns, F. Caspers (slides),

M. Dohlus (slides), M. Zobov (slides)

Related posters:
- A simplified model of intrabeam scattering (K. Bane, SLAC) 
- Coupling Impedance Study of the SPS Cold-to-Warm Transitions (B. Spataro, D. Alesini, M. Migliorati, A. Mostacci, L. Palumbo, INFN Frascat & U. Rome "La Sapienza")
- Coherent beam-beam modes in the LHC for multiple bunches, different collision schemes and machine symmetries (T. Pieloni, CERN & U. Lausanne) 
- Wake fields in a circular pipe with finite conductivity and thickness: exact solution and asymptotics (L. Capetta, T. Demma, S. Petracca, U. Sannio & INFN) 
- Feasibility of directly computing wakes of lossy collimators (W. Bruns)

SESSION 5: Fast Cycling Injectors

chairman W. Scandale (CERN), scientific secretary L. Bottura (CERN)


Overview of Linac4 and SPL to generate

LHC beams with higher brightness, and

CERN PSB+PS: present performance and

possible upgrades (slides)

R. Garoby (CERN) &

M. Benedikt (CERN)

SIS100/300 & High Energy Beam Transport (slides) P. Spiller (GSI) 10:00-10:30
Fast pulsed SC magnets for SIS and super-SPS (slides) G. Moritz (GSI) 11:00-11:30

SPS impedance and intensity limitations (slides)

E. Shaposhnikova (CERN) 11:30-12:00
Multi-turn extraction and injection (slides) M. Giovannozzi (CERN) 12:00-12:30

Possible role of FFAG's for the upgrade

of the LHC/GSI accelerator complex (slides)

F. Meot (CEA & IN2P3 LPSC) 12:30-13:00


Related posters:
- H- source developments at CERN (C. Hill, D. Kuchler, R. Scrivens, T. Steiner, CERN)

SESSION 6: Simulation Code Benchmarking and Repository

                   B: Electron Cloud and Collective Instabilities

conveners: F. Zimmermann (CERN), V. Vaccaro (INFN)

Overview of electron cloud simulation codes (slides) M. Furman (LBNL) 15:00-15:30

PANEL DISCUSSION4: Electron Cloud codes

Convener/secretary: F. Zimmermann (slides)/D. Schulte

A. Adelmann (slides), G. Bellodi (slides), M. Furman (slides),

K. Ohmi (slides), M. Pivi (slides), G. Rumolo (slides), J. Wei (slides)

Overview of Collective Instabilities (slides) E. Metral (CERN) 17:00-17:30

Intensity limitations by combined and/or unconventional impedance sources (slides)

G. Rumolo  (GSI) 17:30-18:00

PANEL DISCUSSION5: Instabilities

convener/secretary: V. Vaccaro/G. Rumolo

A. Adelmann (slides), E. Metral, L. Palumbo (slides), M. Zobov (slides), K. Ohmi (slides)

Related posters:
- Code comparisons and benchmarking with different SEY models in electron cloud build-up simulations (G. Bellodi, RAL)
- Maps for electron clouds (U. Iriso and S. Peggs, BNL)
- Electron cloud instability simulations for the LHC (E. Benedetto, F. Zimmermann, CERN)
- PARSEC: parallel self-consistent 3D electron-cloud simulation in arbitrary external fields (A. Adelmann, PSI; M.A. Furman, LBNL)
- Space-charge simulation codes (A. Adelmann, PSI; R.D. Ryne, J. Qiang, LBNL)

SESSION 7: Workshop Summaries and Panel discussion on CARE-HHH Network

chairman F. Ruggiero (CERN)

THURSDAY 11 NOVEMBER 09:00-13:00
Session 1: LHC and GSI Complex Upgrades (slides) E. Tsesmelis (CERN) 09:00-09:20

Session 2: Beam Dynamics and Intensity Challenges (slides)

P. Lebrun (CERN),  F. Zimmermann (CERN) 09:20-09:40
Session 3: LHC IR Upgrade and Beam Choices (slides) S. Peggs (BNL) 09:40-10:00
Session 5: Fast Cycling Injectors (slides) W. Scandale (CERN) 10:00-10:20
Panel Discussion 1: Single Particle codes (slides) O. Bruning (CERN) 10:50-11:05

Panel Discussion 2: Beam-Beam codes (slides)

W. Herr (CERN) 11:05-11:20
Panel Discussion 3: Impedance codes (slides) E. Jensen (CERN) 11:20-11:35
Panel Discussion 4: Electron Cloud codes (slides) F. Zimmermann (CERN) 11:35-11:50
Panel Discussion 5: Instabilities (slides) V. Vaccaro (INFN) 11:50-12:05


convener: F. Ruggiero

L. Rossi, H. Schmickler,

W. Scandale



THURSDAY 11 and FRIDAY 12 NOVEMBER: General meeting of the CARE-HHH Network


Assignments for each session (each chairman/convener will distribute these
somewhat provocative questions among the speakers/panelists of his session

and steer the discussion accordingly):

Session 1:  Is there a coherent European strategy for High Energy
            High Intensity Hadron Beams?
            What is the ideal beam structure for machine/experiments?
            Shorter bunches vs super-bunches.
            Old and new injectors: do we need them?

Session 2:  What will ultimately limit the LHC performance?
            What will limit the performance of the GSI complex?
            Collimation, electron clouds, space charge:
            are we going to hit a brick-wall?

Session 3:  Machine-Detector Interface: minimum l* and beta*?
            Do we need Nb3Sn technology for the LHC IR magnets?
            Do we need beam screens in the IR magnets?
            Pros and cons of large crossing angles.
            Shorter bunches vs super-bunches.
            Do Crab cavities work for hadron machines?

Session 4:  Where do we stand with code comparisons and benchmarking?

            Compile (or review) a table of codes for easy and

            systematic comparison of their features.
            Ideas to estimate/reduce/control numeric noise.
            Ideas to compute/reduce/control machine coupling impedances.
            What will ultimately limit the LHC beam intensity?
            Collimator and kicker impedance.
            Impedance of getter coatings and Crab cavities.

Session 5:  Road map for fast cycling injectors at CERN and GSI.
            Are proton drivers and/or FFAGs a cost effective solution for
            High Energy High Intensity High Brightness beams?
            Merits of SPL and fast cycling synchrotrons for an LHC upgrade.
            Prospects for higher beam brightness: can we make use of it?

Session 6:  Where do we stand with code comparisons and benchmarking?

            Compile (or review) a table of codes for easy and

            systematic comparison of their features.
            Ideas to estimate/reduce/control numeric noise.
            What will ultimately limit the LHC beam intensity?
            Instabilities for superbunches?

Session 7:  Overview of workshop sessions and panel discussions.
            Follow-up of new ideas/conclusions/priorities and of their
            implementation within the CARE-HHH Network.

Local organizing committee:
F. Ruggiero, W. Scandale, F. Zimmermann,
P. Hagen, C. Bosteels, and J. Thomashausen

Please contact Conf-HHH-2004@cern.ch if you have questions

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