General Meeting of the CARE-HHH European Network

CERN, 11-12 November 2004


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General meeting of the HHH Network, Conference Room 60-6-002

chairman F. Ruggiero (CERN)

THURSDAY 11 NOVEMBER 16:00-18:30
Welcome, agenda, and general HHH matters F. Ruggiero (CERN) 16:00-16:30
HHH report from CARE04 W. Scandale (CERN) 16:30-17:00
General NED matters and report from CARE04 A. Devred (CEA&CERN) 17:00-17:30
Synergies between HHH and NED workpackages all WP coordinators 17:30-18:00
Financial and administrative issues discussion 18:00-18:30




Open meeting of the CARE HHH-AMT collaboration, Council Chamber

chairman L. Rossi (CERN)

FRIDAY 12 NOVEMBER 09:00-12:15
Welcome and presentation of new HHH-APD partners L. Rossi et al. 09:00-09:30

Dipole Project for Fusion: scope, parameters, planning

Strategy EDFA for ITER

F. Salpietro (Garching) 09:30-10:00
Status and next two year program of LARP magnets S. Gourlay (LBNL) 10:00-10:30
COFFEE BREAK   10:30-10:45
US basic program for HFM J. Strait/A. Zlobin (FNAL) 10:45-11:15
VHFM design novelties for beyond 20 T Mc Intyre (?) 11:15-11:45
Japanese development of conductor Akira (?) 11:45-12:15




Open meeting of the CARE HHH-AMT collaboration, Conference Room 160-1-009

chairman L. Rossi (CERN)

FRIDAY 12 NOVEMBER 14:00-18:00
Organising a conductor roadmap: NED plus non-NED D. Leroy, A. Devred, discussion 14:00-15:00
The pulsed magnets road: GSI and CERN injectors G. Moritz, W. Scandale, discussion 15:00-16:15
COFFEE BREAK   16:15-16:30

Stability limit and beam losses: issues of the present LHC arc,

LHC IR: preparation of December workshop

R. Schmidt plus discussion 16:30-17:30

Data base issues and identification of main issue (or workers!)

of magnet design impact on collider design

discussion 17:30-18:00




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