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First CARE-HHH-APD Workshop on

Beam Dynamics in Future Hadron Colliders

and Rapidly Cycling High-Intensity Synchrotrons



Front matter (Abstract, Preface, List of Participants, Table of Contents)



SESSION 1: Opening talks, LHC and GSI Complex Upgrades

F. Ruggiero, F. Zimmermann, Possible scenarios for an LHC upgrade


SESSION 2: Beam Dynamics and Intensity Challenges

K. H. Mess, Machine Protection

O. Grobner, Vacuum Issues for an LHC Upgrade

G. Franchetti, Space Charge and Optics Studies for High-Intensity Machine

J. Tuckmantel, RF and Feedback for Bunch Shortening

J. Wei, Electron Cloud Effects - Observations, Mitigation Measures, and Challenges in RHIC and SNS

J. Resta Lopez, A. Faus-Golfe, F. Zimmermann, Optics Design for a Nonlinear Collimation System in the LHC

B. Jeanneret, F. Zimmermann, What is an acceptable vacuum pressure in the LHC arcs?

E. Vogel, Minimum bunch length at the LHC

D. Schulte, F. Zimmermann, Limitations due to electron-cloud heat load for the LHC and its upgrade

S. Baricordi, V. Guidi, et al., Morphological and structural studies of crystals for channeling of relativistic particles



SESSION 3: LHC IR Upgrade and Beam Choices

T. Sen, J. Strait, N. Mokhov, Overview of possible LHC IR upgrade layouts

K. Takayama et al., First Result of Induction Acceleration in the KEK Proton Synchrotron

K. Ohmi, Study of Crab Cavity Option for LHC

F. Zimmermann, Beam-beam compensation schemes

H. Damerau, R. Garoby, Generation and benefits of long super-bunches

S. Tapprogge, Machine-detector interface and event pile-up: super-bunches versus normal bunches


SESSION 4: Simulation Code Benchmarking and Repository

A: Optics, Beam-Beam, and Conventional Impedance

F. Meot, F. Lemuet, A modern answer in matter of precision tracking: stepwise ray-tracing

K. Bane, K. Oide, M. Zobov, Impedance calculation and verification in storage rings

T. Sen, Beam-Beam Simulations of Hadron Colliders

M. Furman, Panel Discussion on Beam-Beam Simulation Codes

A. Mostacci, L. Palumbo, B. Spataro, F. Caspers, Rf coupling impedance measurements versus simulations

W. Bruns, Feasibility of directly computing wakes of lossy collimators

B. Spataro, D. Alesini, M. Migliorati, A. Mostacci, L. Palumbo, F. Ruggiero, Cold to warm transition impedances in the SPS machine 
W. Herr, T. Pieloni, Coherent beam-beam modes in the LHC for multiple bunches, different collision schemes and machine symmetries


SESSION 5: Fast Cycling Injectors

R. Garoby, M. Benedikt, High brightness proton beams for LHC: needs and means

E. Shaposhnikova, SPS impedance and intensity limitations

R. Cappi, S. Gilardoni, M. Giovannozzi, M. Martini, E. Metral, J. Morel, P. Scaramuzzi, R. Steerenberg, A.-S. Muller, Multi-turn extraction based on trapping in stable islands

F. Meot, Fixed Field Alternating Gradient Synchrotrons



SESSION 6: Simulation Code Benchmarking and Repository

B: Electron Cloud and Collective Instabilities

E. Metral, Overview of Single-Beam Coherent Instabilities in Circular Accelerators

G. Rumolo, Intensity limitations by combined and/or (un)conventional impedance sources

G. Bellodi, Code comparisons and benchmarking with different SEY models in electron cloud build-up simulations

E. Benedetto, F. Zimmermann, Electron-cloud instability simulations for the LHC

S. Heifets, Coherent radiation of electron cloud



SESSION 7: Workshop Summaries and Panel discussion on CARE-HHH Network

E. Tsesmelis, Summary of Session 1: LHC and GSI Complex Upgrades

P. Lebrun, F. Zimmermann, Summary of Session 2: Beam Dynamics and Intensity Challenges

S. Peggs, O. Bruning, Summary of Session 3: LHC IR Upgrade and Beam Choices

W. Scandale, Summary of Session 5: Fast Cycling Injectors

O. Bruning: Summary of Panel Discussion 1: Single Particle codes

W. Herr, Summary Panel Discussion 2: Beam-Beam codes and simulations

T. Weiland, Summary of Panel Discussion 3: Impedance codes

F. Zimmermann, Summary of Panel Discussion 4: Electron cloud codes

V.G. Vaccaro and G. Rumolo, Summary of Panel Discussion 5: Coherent Instabilities


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