CARE-HHH-APD Workshop on

Finalizing the Roadmap for the Upgrade of the CERN & GSI Accelerator Complex


Mini-Workshop on LHC+ Beam Performance CERN-GSI Meeting on Collective Effects Francesco Ruggiero Memorial Symposium Mini-Workshop on Upgrades of LHC Injector Complex & FAIR


CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

1 - 5  October 2007


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Accelerator Physics and synchrotron Design

Workshop programme, presentations


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background information:

R. Garoby, Scenarios for Upgrading the LHC Injectors , Proc. LUMI'06 Valencia

J.-P. Koutchouk, LHC Accelerator Upgrade, IoP Half-Day Meeting on Super-LHC, Liverpool 27 June 2007

W. Scandale and F. Zimmermann, Scenarios for sLHC and vLHC , 29.05.2007, HCP2007 Elba

F. Zimmermann, LHC Upgrade Scenarios , PAC'07 Albuquerque

historical paper: F. Ruggiero, Report on my Visit to KEK 15 to 28 May 1987, LEP Theory Note 50

Local organizing committee:

E. Delucinge, M. Macchi, W. Scandale, F. Zimmermann 

Please send email to if you have questions on the scope of your presentation.  

Please contact or if you have questions on travel or accommodation. 

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