1st meeting in the framework of the CARE-N3-ABI networking
place: Aumuehle, Hotel Waldesruh am See
dates: 22.-23. June 2004


Elettra: Mr.  De Monte,  Mario Ferianis 

mario.ferianis@elettra.trieste.it, raffaele.demonte@elettra.trieste.it

  Juergen Dietrich, j.dietrich@fz-juelich.de

DESY: Igor Krouptchenkov, M. Wendt, Rudolf Neumann, Kay Wittenburg 
krouptch@ntmail.desy.de , rudolf.neumann@desy.de , kay.wittenburg@desy.de , wendt@ux-bello.desy.de

GSI: Peter Forck, Andreas Peters, Piotr Kowina, Andreas Galatis 

A.Peters@gsi.de , p.forck@gsi.de , P.Kowina@gsi.de , a.galatis@gsi.de

CERN: U. Raich,, J. Belleman, H. Schmickler

Uli.Raich@cern.ch , Hermann.Schmickler@cern.ch , Jeroen.Belleman@cern.ch

TU Darmstadt:  Prof. Zoubir, zoubir@ieee.org

ESRF : E. Plouviez, 

Thomas Schilcher, Patrick Pollet
thomas.schilcher@psi.ch, patrick.pollet@psi.ch 

Bergoz :
Julien Bergoz, bergoz@bergoz.com

Rok Ursic, Borut Solar    rok@i-tech.si             

Agenda of the meeting:

a)First half day:

Start 10.00h

0) Welcome
Kay Wittenburg, 5 min

1) CARE-N3 networking

H. Schmickler, 10min

                  2) Overview of the existing digital receiver systems

M. Wendt, 20 mins

3) The proposed DSPsystem for BNL and CERN low level Rf control

H. Schmickler, 15 min
30 min Discussion

Coffee break

5) Detailed description of PSI implementation including specs (bandwidth, noise…)

Patrick Pollet , 30 min talk, 30 mins discussion
6) round table; experience with existing systems

Discussion leader: Manfred Wendt

Contributions: ESRF , SPEAR3

12:30 h Lunch

b) Second half day:

 Start 14.00

1) Specific requirements of hadron machines:
CERN-PS -frequency range, frequency sweep, bunch "gymnastics", intensity variation :

 J. Belleman, U. Raich. 30 mins talk, 30 mins discussion
2) GSI-FAIR, same as above,  Part 1Part 2

A. Peters, A. Galatis et al. 30 mins talk, 30 mins discussion
3) Upgrade wishes of other existing installations:

by interest

Coffee break

4) Presentation of commercially available new products; today and future:

R. Ursic and J. Bergoz followed by a first discussion


End: at about 18.00h followed by dinner

2nd day


Start: 8.30

1) Round table:

What does the hardware do in this case of the present digital receivers? Description of main chips. What alternatives are on the market? Where are the shortcomings of the presently available commercial solutions. What has to be done to overcome this. Outlook to other planed ideas or systems.

Disussed topics:
1) Hardware; ADCs, Digital Receivers, FPGAs, DSPs

2) Different Front Ends; Analogue and Digital Signal Preparation

3) Algorithms for Data Analysis

Discussion leader H. Schmickler
This round table gives the possibility for SHORT prepared contributions. The discussion leader will contact individual participants in order to have something prepared.

Coffee/Dinner Break

2) Brainstorming on subjects for upcoming CARE N3 ABI events


3)      Round Table: What are the next steps to be done in concrete terms:
Road map to CERN-PS and GSI-FAIR system,

Discussion leader: A. Peters
This discussion is not relevant for all participants; everybody interested may stay, otherwise people might leave early.


End: open, but not later than 17:00h