Joint CARE-HHH-APD, CARE-ELAN and EUROTEV-WP3 mini-Workshop on

Electron Cloud Clearing


Electron Cloud Effects and Technological Consequences


dedicated to the memory of Francesco Ruggiero (1957-2007)



Accelerator Physics and synchrotron Design

CERN, 1-2 March 2007

Literature , Photos of Electrodes and Enamel

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Main topics:


Complementary aspects:

Courtesy of Fritz Caspers, Oleg Malyshev, and Walter Scandale

Organizing committee:

F. Caspers (CERN), O. Malyshev (ASTeC/Cockcroft), M. Pivi (SLAC), W. Scandale (CERN), D. Schulte (CERN), R. Wanzenberg (DESY), F. Zimmermann (CERN)

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