CARE-HHH-APD mini-Workshop on
Crystal Collimation in Hadron Storage Rings



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CERN, 7-8 March 2005

AT Auditorium Building 30 - 7th floor.


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SESSION 1: Overview Talks, Crystal Experiments, Requirements

Monday Afternoon, March 7

Chair: R. Assmann

MONDAY 7 MARCH 14:00-18:10
Welcome & Introduction to CERN Plans J. Engelen (CERN) 14:00-14:10
Historical Perspective and First Experiments E. Tsyganov (Dallas) 14:10-14:40
History of Crystal Extraction at SPS (RD22) W. Scandale (CERN) 14:40-15:00
History of Crystal Extraction at Tevatron E853 R. Carrigan (FNAL) 15:00-15:20
Crystal Collimation at RHIC A. Drees (BNL) 15:20-15:50
BREAK   15:50-16:20
Crystal Collimation at SSC and Tevatron N. Mokhov (FNAL) 16:20-17:00
Possible Use of Crystals in LHC (ppt) U.I. Uggerhoj (Aarhus) 17:00-17:30
LHC Collimation Requirements R. Assmann (CERN) 17:30-18:00
DRINK   18:00-19:00


SESSION 2a: Technology, Simulations, Other Applications

Tuesday Morning & Early Afternoon, March 8

Chair: W. Scandale

TUESDAY 8 MARCH 09:00-13:00
Crystal Technology in Ferrara V. Guidi (Ferrara) 09:00-09:30
Crystal Technology in St. Petersburg Y. Ivanov (St. Petersburg) 09:30-10:00
Crystal Simulations V. Biryukov (Protvino) 10:00-10:30
Extraction of the Proton Beam from 70 GeV IHEP Accelerator Y. Fedotov (Protvino) 10:30-11:00
BREAK   11:00-11:30
Channeling Projects at Frascati S. Dabagov (INFN LNF) 11:30-12:00
Use of Crystals in Experimental Areas C. Biino (Torino) 12:00-12:30
LUNCH   12:30-14:00
Calibration of CMS calorimeters with LHC proton beam deflected by crystal Y. Chesnokov (Protvino) 14:00-14:30

LHC Experimentalists' Mini-Session

Can Micro Channeling Improve the TOTEM Experiment? K. Eggert 14:30-15:00
Is Crystal Channeling of Interest for ATLAS? P. Grafstrom
The Roman Pots in the SPS M. Oriunno


SESSION 2b: Round Table Discussion

Tuesday Afternoon, March 8

Chair G. Arduini

TUESDAY 8 MARCH   15:00-18:00
Round Table Discussion on
Organization of an Experiment at the SPS - Part 1          R. Assmann's slides, W. Scandale's slides
All workshop participants, chaired by G. Arduini 15:00-16:00
BREAK   16:00-16:30
Round Table Discussion on
Organization of an Experiment at the SPS - Part 2        
All workshop participants, chaired by G. Arduini 16:30-17:45
Summary of Round Table Discussion on
Organization of an Experiment at the SPS
 G. Arduini 17:45-18:00


Local organizing committee:
M. Macri, F. Ruggiero, W. Scandale, F. Zimmermann, C. Bosteels

Please contact if you have questions

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