Proceedings ECL2

Joint CARE-HHH-APD, CARE-ELAN and EUROTEV-WP3 mini-Workshop on

Electron Cloud Clearing


Electron Cloud Effects and Technological Consequences


dedicated to the memory of Francesco Ruggiero (1957-2007)



draft proceedings including abstract, foreword, and photos as single pdf file


S. Casalbuoni, A. Grau, M. Hagelstein, R. Rossmanith,  F. Zimmermann, B. Kostka, E. Mashkina, E. Steffens, A. Bernhard, D. Wollmann, T. Baumbach, Beam Heat Load in the ANKA Superconducting Undulator

Y. Suetsugu, SEY and Clearing Studies at KEKB

A. Poncet, Experience with Ion and Dust Clearing in the CERN AA and EPA

M. Zobov, A. Battisti, A. Clozza, V. Lollo, C. Milardi, B. Spataro, A. Stella, C. Vaccarezza, Impact of Ion Clearing Electrodes on Beam Dynamics in DAFNE

T. Demma, S. Petracca, G. Rumolo, F. Zimmermann, Maps for Electron Cloud in LHC Dipoles

M. Venturini, E-Cloud Build-Up in Grooved Chambers

F.-J. Behler, G. Nose, H. Kunkel, Industrial Enamel - Foundations, Production, Applications, and CERN Tests

W. Fischer, M. Blaskiewicz, H. Huang, H.-C. Hseuh, V. Ptsitsyn, T. Roser, P. Thieberger, D. Trbojevic, J. Wei, S.Y. Zhang, U. Iriso, Electron Cloud Observations and Cures in RHIC

U. Iriso, F. Caspers, J.-M. Laurent, A. Mostacci, Traveling Waves Resonant Rings for Electron Cloud Studies

U. Iriso, W. Fischer, Extracting the Electron-Induced Molecular Desorption Coefficient Using an Electron Detector

U. Iriso, S. Peggs, Results Using Coupled Maps for Electron and Ion Clouds in Accelerators

A. Markovik, G. Poeplau, U. van Rienen, R. Wanzenberg, Simulation Progress and Plans at Rostock/DESY

M. Furman, ECLOUD in PS2, PS+, SPS+: An Update

T. Kroyer, F. Caspers, E. Metral, F. Zimmermann, Distributed Electron Cloud Clearing Electrodes

M. Palmer, Electron-Cloud Studies at CESR-c and CESR-TA

W. Bruns, Wake Potential of an Array of Thin Electrodes in a Beam Pipe

R. Wanzenberg, Resistive Wall Wakes and Clearing Electrodes

W. Bruns, Alternating Slots for Suppressing Electron Cloud Build Up

F. Caspers, F. Zimmermann, W. Fischer, Summary of the ECL2 Workshop

J.C. Wendel, P. Hellmold, Vitreous Enamel - A Highly Efficient Material Compound


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